The magnitude of the crisis and the extent of the phenomenon of poverty and exclusion in the Basque Country have led several entities to join together their efforts in Sendotu AldiBerean to generate an intervention program in the BAC of significant scope and scale, without losing the coverage and territorial presence that characterizes it.

Sendotu AldiBerean – For Social Inclusion

The program seeks to eliminate the obstacles that prevent people who are furthest from the labour market from moving on from policies of intense social support to employment, intervening in the three historical territories in both disadvantaged urban and rural communities, especially in relation to the positive effects discrimination criteria- arising from Horizontal principles in relation to non-discrimination on grounds of ethnic origin, age, religious beliefs, disability and sexual orientation, as well as equal opportunities for women and men. All this from a sustainable development perspective.

There are a wide range of activities put forward in ‡the area of active employment policies: pre-employment training, certifiable training, empowerment, mentoring, placement, intermediation, entrepreneurship, social and insertion enterprises…, while taking into account health, psychosocial, legal or housing aspects that all directly affect the process of social integration. For this reason, it is essential to incorporate coordination – in the territory with the resources of the different social protection systems: social services, employment, health, education, housing…, as well as other key players such as companies, social entities, associations, etc.

We aim to improve the personal, social, labour and economic position of people at risk of exclusion.

  • An approach based on gender and equal opportunities between women and men as a whole.
  • An integrated whole that works as a process: each action is valid and makes sense by itself; the intensity levels of the support provided are variable depending on each person. Thus, the level of support will depend on the degree of autonomy of the person, and will vary as they approach the insertion zone.
  • Individualized attention, the resource adapts to the person. The educational figures of the activities as well as the Individualized support strategy are crucial.
  • Multidisciplinary teams capable of developing an integral response to their needs.

The Sendotu AldiBerean network pursues methodological experimentation, detecting the local initiatives which are the most successful and transferable to other entities and places, as well as perfecting throughout the development of PO 14/20 the present program “prototype” in order to make it sustainable over time and to exploit its potential in terms of its scalability and transfer, i.e., that it can be applied to a greater number of participants, places and entities in the BAC.

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