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Executive Report

This report contains the results of the impact evaluation of the Sendotu Aldiberean Program focused on improving the social and labor inclusion of people in situations of exclusion and vulnerability.

What is Sendotu?

Get a deeper insight into the Sendotu AldiBerean project, about those who form part of it and who it is aimed at.

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Work areas

Areas of work in which the Sendotu AldiBerean project is involved.

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Documents of interest

A complete documentary archive on the material handled by the Sendotu AldiBerean project.

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Towards Social Inclusion

Equal opportunities for women and men

Our work focuses on gender and equal opportunities between women and men collectively.

Horizontal principles

In relation to non-discrimination on grounds of ethnic origin, age, religious beliefs, disability and sexual orientation, as well as equal opportunities for women and men.

Coordination with the resources of social protection systems

Social services, employment, health, education, housing … As well as with other key players such as companies, social entities, associations, etc.

Social integration

Provide opportunities for integration to those excluded and at risk of exclusion, promoting employability, social inclusion and equality between men and women.

Prevention of gender-based violence and public awareness

Promote protection, care, legal or psychological assistance, support, guidance, labour market integration, training, or information for women who are victims of gender violence.

Social innovation

Develop innovative social projects and activities favouring an inclusive and cohesive society.

Integrated intervention proposals tailored to the specific needs of people in situations of exclusion or at risk of it.


People attended


Actions taken


Hours of Training



Some opinions about Sendotu

We try to improve the personal, social, labour and economic position of people at risk of exclusion.

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