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The Association for Social Reintegration ERROAK was created in July 1988 with the aim of facilitating social incorporation for individuals through orientation, training, employment and the enhancement of their personal development. To obtain this we offer a wide range of services that allow each person to develop an itinerary adapted to their needs and interests.


The ERROAK-SARTU Association is a specialized service within the community resources network of Gipuzkoa, made up of professionals working in the field of guidance, training and employment.

Our work consists of facilitating and promoting social and labour incorporation of those individuals who are especially in the most disadvantaged situations, working with them in terms of support and taking action with them and the community to promote a more inclusive social and economic environment.


To be a key reference organization:

  • For people with greater difficulties, to support them throughout their social labour incorporation processes.
  • For the social and economic environment, in the design and promotion of social welfare, training and employment plans, in solidarity with the most disadvantaged; as well as in labour intermediation.
    This based on a democratic organization, with a project in common with the other organizations that make up Sartu, and with a team of people involved with the mission and values, in a satisfactory working environment.

ERROAK Values:

  • Respect for people
  • Participation
  • Efficiency
  • Continuous improvement- Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility

Who we target:

  • Users: mainly individuals in disadvantaged situations.
  • Partner companies in the Active management Process for employment and Training for employment.
  • Entities and Institutions: Entities who send us our users and with whom we collaborate, coordinate and complement (Red Cross, Emaus foundation, SOS racism, Peñascal foundation, Agipad, …), as well as Collaborating and funding institutions (Municipal Social Services, Boroughs, Government of Gipuzkoa, LANBIDE, Basque Government, European Social Fund, …)

In this context, although we maintain a private management dynamic, we consider ourselves another public service, within the General Network of Community Services which we serve as a complement and support. Our action aims to provide unrelenting help and support, through positive action measures, to those people who have fewer opportunities to use the resources provided by society: employment, personal training, professional technical training, community participation, etc.

ERROAK, is part of Sartu, which brings together four non-profit entities (Gaztaroa-coop, Zabaltzen Association, Sartu-Araba Association, Erroak Association) operating in the Social Services sector, within the BAC. The four Associations carrying out this project began to work with the same approach in the year 1988. It was in the year 1990 that we formed a legal entity given the close relationship we already had, and we became the Sartu Social Reinsertion Federation.
Therefore, since then we have maintained very close coordination in terms of our activities ethos (Strategic Plan of the Federation, model of consensus management, and Ideology), in as regards our shared programs and interventions (European Programs, Programs with private entities and programs with the Basque Government), as well as shared management structures (same suppliers, products and financial management, real estate, etc.), etc.


1988: Recognized as a social entity by the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa. 1999: Entity declared to be of Public Interest by the Basque Government. 2008: Recognition of EMAKUNDE as an equal opportunity partner. 2009: Euskalit Recognition, Silver Q for Excellence management award. 2013: BIKAIN EuskararenKalitateZiurtagiria. 2014: Citizenship Award Medal from the City of Donostia.

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Paseo Bizkaia 15-16 bajo 20010 Donostia

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